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Worst Practices When It Comes To Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media

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For a small business to stand out from its competitors, these 3 pillars are considered IMPORTANT.
They are email marketing, social media and content marketing. Though note that even though this is important, there are still some issues that you must try to avoid.
Here’s a list of things that can irritate your audience and drop engagement…

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Social Media

No Photo: Social media networking is about how humans engage with you. So how do you want people to interact with you when you are hiding behind corporate logo or avatar. Just the same way you cannot just start interacting with someone via voice without rst putting a name to the caller is the same way your prole should show me else no connection between us.
The Automatic Direct Message (DM): Yes, Automatic Direct Message may be good in some scenario(where I am already familiar with your brand or company), but that should not be what I get on my rst interaction with you. A relationship is always a work in progress, so your initial should be more than just trying to sell to me or make me connect with other social means. It should be built from the angle of friendship, which is the whole essence of me wanting to start something(relationship) with you.
Mixing Business with Pleasure: This seems to be a good way to confuse people, just the same way you cannot turn off people with Religion, Politics and even Sports. This is also the same that is applicable for social media except that is specically your eld.

Try to put yourself in my shoes, do you think I will have time to read something that does not have any use to me? That is why your subject lines need to be screaming the benets or main points included in your newsletter. With all this being said/known, some marketers still believe doing the opposite of clickbait is better.
The No-Reply Email Address: Why send me an email wanting me to talk/engage with you when you will not allow me to reply you. What of if your email ignite an interest and I have further question or service you selling via email. Hitting the reply button is the easiest, but you deny me that.
The Apologetic Pitch: If you want to sell, do just that and stop apologizing for doing that. You forget the condence you use in selling, show how well you believe in whatever you selling. Emails that start with “Sorry for bothering you…” or “I’m just emailing you…” are such

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