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With Geolocation, Here Is How Your Business Can Grow.

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Do you use the GPS settings on your mobile device, if yes then you should be familiar with geolocation as a concept? Geolocation is how your phone keeps note of your location and base the information to provide you with. Some of the oversight that business/people give to geolocation is the fact that it can help them to improve sales, boost engagement with customers and change the way your business is run

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is more than just for gaming as can be seen when Pokémon Go was the in-game back then. Even though now we have so many new clones of this game now, let us know AR can be used for just more than game.
Augmented Reality can be implemented for more than gaming most especially when done with geolocation. It can a very good tool to combine with your marketing strategy. Like what 360automated media does, they will capture your business at a different angle making whoever that see such feel like they are in the premises or location in which the business is located. This will be a very good business addition for those in the creative like an architect, store owners or even car business etc.
As the success of the game Pokémon Go prove there is more than can be done with Augmented Reality, and in the world of marketing, the surface is yet to be scratched with it.

Customer Targeting & Customized Ads

Facebook and Google can be regarded as the master in the aspect of marketing based on geolocation for personalized advertisement. Visit a shop, talk or even browse some stuff with all your phone’s location settings on, there is very high probability you will be seeing ads related to what you just checked either when you visit your Facebook Page or visit a site that has google ads displaying on it.
On the other side, this can be used to track inuencers in your location and even target your ads to people based on their location or even interest they may have searched for. Considering the fact that social media can be used to inuence people to interact with your event or even encourage them to buy from you. This is just some of this thing social media mixed with geolocation can improve your business sales.

Route Optimization & Fleet Tracking

Are you into the logistics business, then geolocation is your buddy for these two options:
I. Tracking of deliveries will be so composed even if you are using a public vehicle.
II. Optimal delivery route can be determined using geolocation
With the aid of Google Maps, it is easy to track the best route for deliveries, if a road is under construction or even if an accident has happened on that route

Check-In For Customer Conversion

Customer geolocation data can be dicult to get — even if you offer the ability to check in at your location, many customers are hesitant to offer up their data. As with many things, though, everyone has their price. A recent poll found that the majority of customers were willing to give permission for a company to access their location data in exchange for cash rewards, discounts or loyalty points.
Van Leuween, an ice cream store in New York, utilizes these geolocation tools to great effect. It offers a mobile payment option that links to the customer’s PayPal account. Once the accounts are linked, Van Leuween can detect when a repeat customer is near its store and use push alerts and SMS messages to entice them into the store with discounts and other tempting offers. All that is required here is to get the customer’s permission to use their location data, and the sky is, literally, the limit.

Mobile Application Notications

Many companies also use geolocation technology to send mobile notications to users through their mobile apps. Starbucks uses geofencing to send a location-based notication to its mobile application users. These notications provide a coupon or a special offer for a nearby Starbucks. The retailer Sephora delivers messages to customers that are nearby their stores via their mobile application as well. If a user has a gift card balance greater than $0, they will receive a prompt reminder via mobile app notication immediately when they enter an area near a Sephora store location.
Geolocation is easily one of the most overlooked tools available to a small-business owner, but it is quickly becoming one of the most useful. Take a deeper look and see what geolocation can do to help you improve your business.

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