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Basic Office Management WebApp

Web Design / Development

Basic Office Management WebApp

Our client needed a Basic Office Management WebApp to achieve some specific functions, we were able to deliver on the job and get everything running.
Some features of the WebApp include:

  • Clock In and Clock Out Functionality: The app takes in the time a worker signs in and out to help keep an up to date record of a workers attendance
  • Ability to Add Jobs and Review Applicants: From the app, you can add jobs and also review applicants for an open space.
  • Calculation of Insurance and Utility: The app helps you calculate the total amount to be paid on insurance for an asset or anything relating to the office and also calculation of the total utility in the office
  • Absentees Management: This help keep track of workers who have been absent from work.
  • Approval Validation: Managing and keeping log of approvals that requests that have been managed
  • Employee Review: The app helps you to review employees
  • Invoice Management: Helps you to manage all invoices to keep track of all purchases going in and out of the organisation
  • Warning Management: Keeps track of warnings and there outcomes also comments from The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).
  • Vacation and Trip Management: Keeps record of travels and trips of employees
  • Job Management: Helps in managing the The job process from creating jobs and reviewing applicants for jobs
  • Manage Grievance
  • User Management: Helps manage users on the platform.. Creating users and assigning roles.
  • Date

    January 15, 2020

  • Skills

    Visual Studio

  • Tags

    Basic Office Management WebApp

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