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Not Using these 5 tips Are the Reasons Why your Ecommerce Business is not Successful

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Not Using these 5 tips Are the Reasons Why your Ecommerce Business is not Successful

It is a known fact that eCommerce business is competitive and when you are not successful in it, therefore, means that there are key factors that you are not implementing in order for your business to grow. Entering into the e-business world, there is a need to strategically position yourself to conduct activities differently from your competitors in order to be unique. Here are some tips that may contribute to the reasons why your E-business is not successful.

1. Have a constant presence online.

The way you see your eCommerce business determines how much effort you will put into it. It may be discouraging to put in effort into your business especially if you are not earning millions from it. Once you have your site online, you need to be deliberate about having a constant presence online by running promotions, setting up contests occasions and making use of social media. Aim at making people aware that you exist, develop a relationship with your customers in order to earn their trust so that it would be easy for you to sell your products to them

2. Keep customers informed

Customers would need more than just the product that you offer them. They would want to have a wonderful shopping experience from the initial stage to the fulfilment of their needs. Fulfilment influences customer approval 10 times more than selling.  Some of the challenges customers face are lost orders, incomplete or inaccurate product availability information, and late shipments. Customers would want not only on-time delivery but also prompt access to shipping information, their order histories, and the product availability information

3. Prioritize mobile

Mobile traffic surpasses desktop traffic, and your site must be properly indexed so as to be competitive in the SERP( Search engine Result pages). Much effort is  put into optimizing desktop site on a regular basis than optimizing mobile versions. Some of the ways to optimizing the mobile version are by:

  • Increasing your site speed: According to Google, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Increasing page speeds for your mobile devices goes the same way for desktops. There is Google PageSpeed which  help you track what you need to change and identify areas that can be improved such as; Optimising images,   reducing your number of redirects  and using browser caching
  • Implement AMP( Accelerated mobile pages): This will help you load your eCommerce website pages as quickly as possible and also help you rank higher in google search results thereby driving traffic to your website.
  • Add structured data: Structured data can be added to your mobile site through Structured data helps you make your products more visible on the mobile SERPs. Rich snippets will be able to highlight important information about your products driving more traffic for you.  The following rich snippets will help your e-commerce mobile sites:
  • Product schema: This shows Google that it’s a product page, and information such as brand, colour, material and model will be shown. color, material and model.
  • Reviews and Rating Schema: Reviews about your product can help you sell a product, and this will highlight your credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Price Schema: This help browsers to see how much your products cost before they decide to click through.
  • Product Availability Schema: This will let users know if you’re out of stock of the product they want to purchase.

4. Well-designed eCommerce website

Having a website is an essential tool for any kind of business today and an e-commerce website design could be used as an effective tool to sell your products on the internet. It’s vital that the design of the e-commerce website is user-friendly so as to lead customers to make Online purchases. There are varieties of online selling principles that an efficient E-commerce website designer should consider. Your e-commerce website should be able to provide sufficient information on the promoters of the website and their credentials along with reasons why one should trust them, easy to use and navigate so as not to allow visitors switch on to competitor’s website.

Take consideration of the layout of the website which is a major part of e-commerce website business. Research has shown that the middle left side area attracts most attention followed by the centre of the page, so ensure you draw visitors by having a good layout of your website.  Offer product recommendations on your site by using internal linking and featured products sections to show visitors additional items they might like, they may end up buying more than one item from your site. To have a successful E-commerce website design, you need to understand the web design principles for online selling.

5. Write Articles

Your keywords describe a set of articles. These articles don’t all have to go on your site. Cultivate the habit of writing articles for distribution as well to help promote your site and start building links to your site. “Article Marketing” will help you promote your products or services and get links referring back to your site.

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