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Brand Consistency – Why You Need to Cover All Bases with Your Ad Campaign

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In marketing, the most important thing is consistency. The aim of advertising is to create a brand identity that people can recognize and will lead them to your service or product. If you use a different brand identity for videos than you do for photos, then you’ll confuse your target audience and as a result, you’ll see lower sales than you might otherwise. Startups need to avoid this, as it’s crucial in the early stages of your company to get across the core idea of what you have to offer.

To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea for you to cover your bases early, and develop your marketing materials. This way, you can ensure that you have a consistent message across your ad campaign. Even if you don’t plan on rolling out a large ad campaign, having all the material could save money, as you can make use of the unused elements whenever you’re ready to step up to the next level of advertising.

Take an ad campaign by a large company like McDonalds. When they have a new product, they will announce it in multiple ways. A TV commercial with billboard advertisements, in-store displays, and sponsorship at sporting events. All these will have been designed and produced at the same time so that wherever the public encounters the campaign, they’ll be able to identify it as a part of the larger design. Smart advertisers understand that you can make a bigger impact on people by using a range of media in an ad campaign, which all contains the same message.

While your startup might be operating on a smaller scale, you should take the corporate approach if you hope to reach the top. Your ad campaign needs to be recognizable across different formats, and the simplest way to ensure this is to design everything early. You’ll be able to make the maximum impact on the public, and, when done right, the sales will speak for themselves

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